Presentation Methods for Large Groups

Session Objectives

  1. Define and contrast the benefits of large and small group presentations related to traditional passive view of learning verses the constructivist, active methods of learning.
  2. Describe the advantages of large group presentations, i.e. decreased instructor costs, efficient use of faculty time and talent, availability of resources, and standardization of the learning experience.
  3. Describe the disadvantages of large group presentations i.e. strained impersonal relations between students and the instructor, a limited range of teaching methods, discomfort among instructors teaching large classes, and a perception that faculty who teach large classes are of lower status at the institution.
  4. Describe how the use of interactive lectures can promote active learning, heighten attention and motivation, give feedback to the teacher and the student, and increase satisfaction for both.
  5. Describes a number of interactive techniques that can be used in large group presentations and general strategies to promote interactivity during lecture (lecture/discussion, the jigsaw technique, case studies, audience response systems, team projects and team-based learning).
  6. Describe several ways to organize key concepts, to promote retention and to remove the pressure to “cover everything” in large group presentations.


  1. Evaluate one’s own lecture style and create plans for improvement. 
  2. Deliver more effective interactive large group presentations to trainees, public groups and peers.
  3. Prepare and utilize a variety of active learning strategies and activities to heighten attention and improve retention.
  4. Utilize a variety of techniques to make one’s large group presentations more effective, i.e. eye contact, leaving the podium, effective questioning strategies, think pair ands share activities, question and summary cards.

Applies to the following LSI roles

  • Large Group Lecturer
  • Small Group Lecturer / Facilitator
  • Team Instructor
  • Educational Team Leader

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