Bringing Basic Science to the Bedside

Session Objectives

  1. Help trainees apply basic science to clinical care under the watchful eye of senior physicians in order to foster simultaneous integration of preclinical and clinical content.
  2. Integrate the traditional clinical years curriculum into the foundation sciences years.
  3. Teach the basic sciences relevance to practice by early application to clinical experiences.
  4.  Fully integrate ones teaching of preclinical and clinical instruction using a variety of curricula, the use of technology-enhanced immersive clinical/patient simulations and simulated patient rounds simulations with preclinical trainees.
  5. Articulate a unifying theory of cognitive and emotional learning that broadens the view of what is possible, feasible, and desirable with simulator-based medical education to integrate basic and clinical sciences.


  1. Work in interdisciplinary faculty teams to design and deliver medical education that integrates clinical and basic sciences experiences, knowledge, attitudes and skills.
  2. Teach basic sciences in a clinically relevant way to develop trainees’ clinical problem solving skills.
  3. Develop trainee assessments that integrate basic and clinical sciences.
  4. Develop inter-professional learning opportunities for trainees to foster team work and relate health science education to basic and clinical sciences.   

Applies to the following LSI roles

  • Team Instructor
  • Team Based Learning
  • Guided and Self-Directed Learning Instructor
  • Research Advisor
  • Educational Team Leader

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